Just Published “Governance Mechanisms for Federated Digital Platform Ecosystems”

Here is our latest research paper on the design of governance mechanisms for federated digital platform ecosystems. The paper was submitted to the I-ESA 2020 conference. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the conference has been postponed from March 2020 to November 2020. The paper will be published as an open access paper, and will be available for download soon after its official presentation at the conference.


ABSTRACT: This paper defines governance factors and mechanisms for complex, federated digital platform ecosystems, characterised by a variety of interaction models among various stakeholders with different motivations and incentives to participate in an ecosystem. The proposed governance framework is compared with the recent research in platform ecosystem governance design, and is further structured into five areas to allow for a coherent policy acquisition and modelling across the platform consortium. The proposed governance framework addresses both data- and service-driven policy mechanisms, including emerging mechanisms caused by the recent changes of public policies created to balance ethical frameworks of platform companies, transparency reporting, fairness and algorithm transparency, responsibility, etc. Furthermore, a holistic federated governance architecture to be implemented for the enforcement of major governance mechanisms is presented in the paper. The motivation to explore the governance mechanisms for federated digital platform ecosystems, relates to the design and implementation of an innovative, federated industrial platform ecosystem currently developed in the European H2020 Research and Innovation (RIA) Programme.

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