Join Us for the Future!

The Austrian Industrie 4.0 Summit, the annual meeting of the Association Industry 4.0, is one of the biggest national Industry 4.0 event in Austria. On 10th December 2020, the 5th Austrian Industrie 4.0 Summit was held online, in association with the Styrian business funding agency SFG and the Carinthian business location agency BABEG. The event started with keynotes on digital ethics, Artificial Intelligence and the Industrial IoT security. The keynote session was followed by the presentations on the state of play in the digital manufacturing of Australia, as well as Industry 4.0 best practices of several Austrian companies.

Apart from the main Association Industry 4.0 Programme, participants were able to follow three parallel sessions, e.g. IoT4CPS (Trustworthy IoT for CPS; on the topic “Security for Industrie 4.0” and Change2Twin ( on “Digital Twins in Manufacturing”. For the IoT4CPS project, this event was the final one (the project ended in December 2020) and the project was highly motivated to show the project results created in the frame of 3 year research project and to share opportunities for the future collaboration with the Industry 4.0 community in Austria. Therefore, during the IoT4CPS session “Join us for the future: Partnerships and new consortia”, several recent opportunities for SMEs and organisations in the Industry 4.0 sectors were presented by FFG (the Austrian Research Promotion Agency), EIT Manufacturing East, Plattform Industrie 4.0, and Salzburg Research.

My presentation pointed at several Open Calls and collaborative programmes in Europe, including those offered through the projects EFPF (European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing) and Change2Twin, as well as EFFRA’s and Connected Factories 2 online webinar on cybersecurity for manufacturing:

An overview of currently available collaborative programmes and fundings in Europe is summarised in the presentation below:

Links to the event:

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