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Research experience. My research journey started in 2002, after joining the Good Old AI network of researchers. In 2005, my M.Sc. thesis, “Web Pedagogical Agents: A Touch of Web Intelligence”, received the 2005 Research Award from the Serbian Society for Informatics. In November 2006, I joined Salzburg Research as a Senior Researcher in the Knowledge and Media Technologies (KMT) group. In 2014, I joined the Internet of Things (IoT) group and in 2021, the Intelligence Connectivity group of Salzburg Research.

Research interests. My current research interests are in the area of digital collaborative platforms, cybersecurity, trust, data governance and cyber ethics enabled through symbolic AI methods (classical AI, or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), not ML-based).

Research projects. I’m currently engaged in the following projects:

  • H2020 DT-ICT EFPF (European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing) (2019 – December 2022)/ leading tasks on cybersecurity, trust, governance mechanisms, matchmaking and collaborative platform interoperation;
  • HWS (Hybrid Work Systems) – Platform-based AI System for Human Motion Analysis to optimize Ergonomics of Hybrid Work Systems in Industry;

Some past research projects:

  • H2020 FoF NIMBLE (Collaborative Network for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics in Europe) ( (2016- March 2020)/ leading WP on cloud cybersecurity, privacy and trust;
  • FFG/bmVIT IoT4CPS (Trustworthy IoT for CPS) ( (2017- December 2020)/ leading WP on security aspects of IoT lifecycle management for the Automotive Sector (connected cars).
  • FP7 EAGLE (2014-2017) / on semantic web technologies and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL);
  • SEE-ERA.NET Plus OP4L (2011-2013) / on Linked Open Data (LOD) for learning;
  • FP7 IP IKS (2009-2012) / on semantic content management systems;
  • FP6 IP ImportNET (2006-2009) / contributing to the field of semantic engineering of business processes;
  • FIT-IT GRISINO (2006-2008) / on semantic web services;
  • FP6 NoE ProLearn (2004-2006) / on semantic web technologies applied to personalised adaptive learning (as part of TEL).

The following FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) projects were coordinated by me:

  • UNDERSTANDER (2013-2014) – on Business Intelligence (BI).
  • IoT4Industry (2014-2015) – designing and developing secure agents for the Industrial Internet.

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