AVL Research Networking Day 2019, Graz

IoT4CPS is an Austrian research project with a focus on Connected and Automated Mobility and Industry 4.0. The project is funded for 3 years (Dec 2017 – Nov 2020) and its aim is to develop guidelines, methods and tools for secure and safe IoT-based applications for connected vehicles. Through IoT4CPS, we are collaborating with AVL‘s security and automotive researchers, and with several other Austrian companies.

On 19th November 2019, Stefan Marksteiner from AVL and myself jointly presented our project-related achievements, during the AVL Research Networking Day 2019 in Graz. The topic of the poster presented at the event was “Digital Twin-based Traceability of Product Data Lifecycle” (see below) that explains our work on the design and implementation of the Digital Twin-based research prototype of IoT lifecycle data management for the Connected and Automated Mobility applications.

The focus of our research is on multi-tenancy and cybersecurity & safety aspects, which opened further discussion with other invited security and safety experts, e.g. Behrooz Sangchoolie from RISE Research Institutes of Sweden.

Other topics presented during the event in Graz included the future of powertrains, autonomous driving, fuel cells, AI and quantum technology.

I’m very grateful to AVL and Stefan for the invitation to join their annual research event. I was also happy to see the Virtual Vehicle Automated Drive demonstrator/platform parked in front of the building 🙂 It just shows that Austria is “on the move” with Connected and Automated Mobility.

Virtual Vehicle Demonstrator: https://www.v2c2.at/add/
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