Digital Twins, Part 2: The Analysis of Public Datasets

Based on a description of the business case presented in part 1, this post continues with a selection of relevant public datasets to enhance data repositories dealing with lifecycle phases of connected cars. Specifically, we look at those datasets that cover both Automotive Manufacturing and Connected Cars, and address two perspectives: multi-stakeholder and cybersecurity & safety (see Figure below).

The multi-stakeholder perspective brings together different stakeholders with their various roles and interests to exploit an ecosystem, e.g. car designers and manufacturers, road traffic and weather condition services, road services (including highways, crossings, parking areas), buildings (and bus stops), public vehicles (busses and trams), cyclists, pedestrians, etc. Furthermore, to ensure continuous secure and safe conditions in such an ecosystem, the data must be collected and processed in a controlled and responsible way that adopts data protection (e.g. data minimisation, data anonymisation/ pseudonymization, GDPR) and data security methods (e.g. data encryption, data integrity).

The selected cybersecurity- and multi-stakeholder-centered data model for Digital Twins, is shown above and includes the following datasets addressing entire connected car’s lifecycle phases.

Datasets for the initiation phase.

Datasets for the operational phase.

Datasets for the maintenance phase.

End-of-life phase.

Unfortunately, public datasets related to end-of-life and recycling are missing at this stage.

Datasets to support cybersecurity and safety validations.

The next step would be about to aggregate selected datasets and to prepare the data for analytics.

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