Just Published “A Survey on Public Datasets for Digital Twin-based Automotive Cybersecurity Validation”

This paper is the result of our recent survey and analysis of public datasets with the potential to support the Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) sector in Austria. The focus of the survey is on cybersecurity, safety and multi-tenancy objectives as defined in the research project IoT4CPS (Trustworthy IoT for CPS https://iot4cps.at/). The presented method of product lifecycle data management in CAM is well suited to be reused in other domains, too. The paper will be presented at the I-ESA 2020 conference, in March 2020. More details will follow after the conference, in April 2020.

ABSTRACT: This paper is a survey of public datasets for data-centric Digital Twin testbeds, designed to support automated cybersecurity and safety decisions for a smart and connected car ecosystem. The design of such testbeds requires an effective data strategy to be put in place, and in parallel, it requires knowledge and understanding of policy and regulatory issues at national and international levels. The data model presented in this paper ensures the inclusion of both multi-stakeholder and cybersecurity aspects along the lifecycle of smart and connected cars. The data model also ensures the relevance of the selected datasets to support the IoT cross-platform interoperability (at the data level) for the Automotive sector.