Month: May 2019

  • Cybersecurity Requirements for Multi-Sided Platforms

    Cybersecurity Requirements for Multi-Sided Platforms

    Capturing cybersecurity requirements when designing multi-sided platforms can be quite a lot of work and it usually needs to be done in a limited timeframe. One of my research papers, presented in March 2018 at the I-ESA conference, in Berlin, reports on the requirements elicitation in the context of a B2B platform that is being…

  • Webinar on the Future Manufacturing Pathways in Europe

    Webinar on the Future Manufacturing Pathways in Europe

    On 15th May 2019, EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association) and representatives of seven FoF (Factories of the Future) and DT (Digitising and Transforming European industry and services) platform projects organised an open webinar on the topic of Future Manufacturing Pathways in Europe. The platforms are NIMBLE, COMPOSITION, DIGICOR and vf-OS from the…